For the past month we’ve lived at our house with the minimum of what we need. We’ve moved what we need when we can. Sure, there have been a few inconveniences and making do’s, but we’ve been ok. (added: It’s definitely made me reevaluate all the stuff in my life…)

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My stash was one of the first items to make the trek. I’m happy to have my office mostly complete. It’s been nice to be able to see what I have.

However, I’ve spent the afternoon at the apartment attempting to pack boxes. This was a challenge for several reasons:

  • We only have medium boxes. They are nice boxes but when the bulk of what needs to be packed up is books, this is not good.
  • We have small boxes in the trunk of the car. E should be here soon.
  • E’s clothing and 95% of mine are at the house. (I don’t have more, I just happened to send his over already).
  • All but about 12 skeins of yarn are in my office.

I’ve spent my short break just now wondering if it would be a bad thing if I were to run out and acquire more yarn to pad the boxes– so that I don’t fill the big ones with too many books and so that I can give a nice soft cushion to some of the fragile items that are left to migrate North.

Catch-22: I needed to move the stash so it was out of the way so we could move the rest of everything. But I now I need the stash…

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  1. I vote for at least a carton-full of new stash. You wouldn’t want anything to break, now, would you? Anyway, buy sock yarn. It doesn’t count.

  2. A good friend of mine owns a shetland sheep farm not too far from me. She was telling me that when her and her husband moved there from their last home, where they didn’t have sheep, she was afraid that her husband would see her huge stash of fleeces. She had like 25 up in her attic space. Well as they were packing they used the fleeces to pad everything during the move. As they came to the end of the fleeces her husband says to her, “Oh, too bad you don’t have any more, we could really use them!”

    I totally thought of this story when you posted about your yarn dilemma. It just makes me smile =)

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