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Thank you daddy.

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I wish I could tell you in person. There is so much I could wish but there is no need to dwell on what if’s, or to wallow in sadness. Over the past twenty years that are both too long and so sudden I’ve found time and again that the tools and skills you gave me for life are innumerable, highly varied, and priceless. I miss you every day. May your memory be a blessing and one day I be an honour to you and mommy. I love you.

May my friends who have recently lost a parent know they are not alone. It isn’t easy. It isn’t fair. I have no words of wisdom but offer my shoulder and ear. This is one club I really wish you didn’t join.

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  1. It will be four years in March since B lost his mother, of blessed memory. He and his father have adapted to a “new normal,” but we are all still too young to know what it’s like to lose a parent.

    May their memories be a blessing. And while it may not be my place to say so, what I know of you would say that you are an honor already. *hugs*

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