sign of a productive & gut yontif

Is that I can say I’m mostly caught up on The Economist and The New Yorker. I’m waiting for E to give me the most recent issues that he’s finished. I’m only about two weeks behind at this point. I wonder how long it will last. There were piles of fascinating articles and maybe one day when they are even less timely I’ll write up my thoughts about them.

There was one finish and lots of progress on other reads. Well, as much progress as can be made when it’s only a Shabbat+yontif. Three day holidays are the best for reading but not the best for the tiny paycheck they result in. So I’m pleased with the progress that was made.

Across the Endless River Across the Endless River
by Thaddeus Carhart
1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book reviewno star for book review
I received this book very quickly after I won the giveaway on goodreads. The blurb indicated a book that combined elements I knew I could enjoy. Upon reading I found that and much more. This novel contains historical fiction, American frontier history, and European history in a delightful way by combining travelogue, epistolary writing, and journal entries into a novel which kept me turning pages. That it also raised thoughts on the servant/slave/whoami debate made me stop and think and want to read more about this time as I am sadly ignorant. Several reviewers have complained about lack of plot, but I found this writing style — the interwoven viewpoints and methods used to tell Baptiste’s unique story incredibly fascinating and a change from my normal reading. Overall this is an easy enjoyable and delightful read.