a good grab for grazing

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I do not happily sit down to “three square meals” each day — I graze. One item I keep reaching for recently as part of a second breakfast is these very yummy Graham Crackers by Jo-sef’s Gluten Free Bakery. Josef’s Bakery used to be near us in Brooklyn but they moved to Williamsburg so I don’t often indulge in their treats. I’m also not a huge biscuit/cracker/cookie/cake person.

However as part of my quest to eat a little more in the morning and less at night, when I saw them at Fairway I knew I would find a good yummy gluten-free treat. They are. The cinnamon is not overpowering and they stayed a decent texture throughout the two weeks I kept this box on my desk at the office. What’s even better is that Fairway will be moving into a location somewhat near to me soon. I look forward to seeing what their gluten-free selection will be!

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  1. my sister has always called me a big “grazer.” now that i have three girls i eat regular meals more often . . or try to! we still often have breakfast at lunch time (we’re usually not hungry in the morning) and are known to have popcorn for dinner. (?)(!) anyway, i enjoy your blog! i’m on ravelry, and also have a blog . . it’s nice to “meet” you . . best, dorina

  2. GF is not a requirement for me, but TechieBK does have Crohn’s disease and we are both looking for good alternatives to the usual, so it’s always nice to see options. The grocery stores in our neighborhood have large kosher sections, and we often look there for choices. This is how I discovered Pita Pal hummus…and since I go through a lot of hummus, that’s a very good thing. I’m rather fond of the sundried tomato and basil (but then, I would eat sundried tomatoes and basil on air…) :)

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