just in time for autumn

The lone benefit I’ve seen from our running back and forth between apt and house and standing in various queues at Ikea has been copious amounts of guilt-free knitting time. I know I should work on my 30 for 30 project (have you seen my new feed for charity projects and places to donate? check it out here (or on the sidebar). Yes, I know there are trillions of charity sites and launch pads. I wanted to write this one and so I shall.) but instead I decided to work on some projects for me that had been hanging out on the needles.

I’m also on a stockinette and garter stitch or single crochet kick these days. It all depends on the yarn. It will tell you what it wants to be and sometimes simple is best.

Therefore, despite tons of stuff going on, I can make the guilt-free statement that I finished my spring and summer cardigan projects.

365.194 ... 20090901T

The first to be finished was my summer cardi for those brutal AC days at the office. Sassymetrical is a quick simple top down raglan which has yet to be blocked because I keep wearing it and don’t want to wait for it dry. The neck had stretched out a wee bit and frustrated me at first because I’m forgetful, but some googling, nudging from patient friends, recollection of my crochet hook(s), and this post resulted in a cardigan I am in love with. Even if it’s knitted in magnolia, which is a dangerous colour for me as it’s a shade of white. But I love it! What makes me love it even better is that I can wear my beautiful graduation gift shawl pin as a closure. I’m sorry for the terrible photos. I keep hoping to block this proper and then take some nicer shots. Some day. Some day.
Yarn: 696 yards of Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in #098- Magnolia
Needles: 3.75 mm needles
Mods: Lengthened sleeves and body. Knitted sleeves in the round and straight (no decreasing)
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