a creature of habit can change

I see my reading (and knitting and sleeping) habits now divided into two phases. Those of you with children will probably laugh. The time that was Before House and now, After Closing (with house? hmm need to work on this). I still haven’t named the house, but we have a few candidates. I’m half moved into my office. Some yarn, my sewing machine, some fabric, and a handful of tools and supplies are here along with snowflake, my hardworking 12″ ibook. I’m waiting for the electrician to gather all of the necessary permits so he can replace our vintage breaker box and then all portions of my office will have electricity. I have at least two different circuits for my office (because it’s soo large), and potentially a third, but I’ve forbidden E to flip that switch as it’s my light source after the sun goes down and I don’t really want to work by candlelight. Soon. Soon. It’s coming together and just as we begin to settle in life will be shaken up by the yamim noraim.

Right now I’m at war with the spiders trying to convince them that unless they want to start paying the mortgage, we live here. However, I am thankful for their assistance as intrusion prevention artists.

My arms, and entire body, are quite sore from (choose your activity):

  • yardwork
  • laying floor (pergo & other click flooring)
  • painting
  • assembling Ikea furniture
  • pulling carpet (and all of those staples)
  • all of the above

So by the time I get to bed and want to read, I’m too sore and tired to hold even the thinnest magazine. Shabbat was a time of sleep and naps and some more sleep. I need more.

I did sneak in a few minutes in here and there to finish one book.

Starman Jones Starman Jones
by Robert A. Heinlein
1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book reviewhalf star for book review
I forget what source suggested that this was a good Heinlein YA read, but I’m happy it did. It’s been a few years since I’ve read any Heinlein but I found this to be an interesting story and I needed something easy.

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  1. The spiders seem to be taking over our deck. I don’t mind, as long as they stay OUT!

  2. Not sure if I have this one, but I’ve always liked all his juveniles, especially because they don’t come across as *juvenile*, if you know what I mean.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. :) I love your blog, btw! Very cool.

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