a space of my own

There was no post on Wednesday because instead of crafting with code, words, or fibre I turned to a medium I’m becoming more fluent in…

365.188 ... 20090826W

It’s coming together. Hopefully I can start to move into it really soon (as in Sunday) and attempt to catch up on all the work I need to. It would be nice to move my craft items and set them up nicely. I expect moving all of that will free up considerable space in the apartment. ;)

Note: moving into my office does not necessarily mean permanent moving into the house. I’d like to. We have the parking permit for the train station (ok a few blocks away from the station since the main lot is full). We’ll see how all the work goes, but I am definitely looking forward to at least begin to settle into one room of the house. There is so much to do! (We won’t talk about the lawn. I went to mow Wednesday after I finished painting and the minute I stepped outside it started to rain.)

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  1. Congrats on the new craft studio. Nice, calming color. I can’t wait to see it all set up. Looks like there might be room for a loom in there, too, huh? :)

  2. Ah, yes, a loom would look lovely in that room…

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