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With the heat, humidity, and the exhaustion from the house I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything. Perhaps this cute little guy will distract you from the fact that today’s post is several days late. He’s the same Amigurumi Penguin I’ve crocheted before but this time with a 1.1mm hook and a nylon thread I’ve seen in the shops and wanted to try for ages. He’s almost done, I haven’t completely attached his feet as I broke two tapestry needles in the process. I really like the finished product, but it’s a bit rough on hooks and needles. I took E’s camera to take this photo and I love how much easier it was to get the shot than cajoling my point and shoot (which I love) to give me the same amount of … well, whatever it is that makes me really like this photo!

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  1. It’s got more depth of field. So it looks less flat that a P&S camera produces. I LOVE this shot. Such a cut little guy!

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