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365.173 ... 20090811TTwo things are really difficult to photograph if it’s just you and the camera (one isn’t as difficult if you remember the self timer): feet and modeling tops. Head shots (and hats) are quite easy with a trick I discovered, but have yet to figure out a way to easily take photographs of myself wearing a garment unless I borrow E’s tripod. As I often do that without his permission and it rarely ends well.

I have said for years that when I have my own studio (aka office) I’m going to acquire my own dressform. It might not happen this year or next, but it is a goal I plan to save for.

I am looking for something that an amateur won’t outgrow quickly. I don’t think I’ll ever extensively sew my own clothing, no matter how much I long to. I want to be able to throw a garment upon it pin it in place and get a rough estimate as to drape, shape, size, etc.

I know about the ducttape method, but I really want something nicer (and don’t have any t-shirts I’m willing to sacrifice for the cause). I’ve seen forms like this at Joann’s for years, but don’t know anyone with one nor if it’s really worth it. I’ve heard comments go both ways on all forms and feel they’re all a coin toss.

So, please, advice? I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but I want to make an investment that is sound. I really want to be able to stick pins in it — I stick pins in me all the time and it just doesn’t work very well, I do not like red polka dots on my garments.

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  1. check craigslist? I just missed (because I saw it late, and didn’t want to deal during the nine days) a posting on an almost local craigslist for 2 dressforms (1 small, 1 medium, both adjustable with dials for bust, waist, hips) and I so should have called to ask anyway — she wanted $130 for BOTH! And I could have actually used both, as a semi-professional dressmaker — I need something to photograph my creations on even when they don’t fit me — and no one who lives here takes good pictures of them on me, either. Even my husband — he thinks of it as a picture of ME and doesn’t showcase the garment effectively.

    I’m thinking digital camera with display on a tripod in front of a mirror (for checking on that display) on a timer might work better, but I’d have to try it to see.

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