i left some at the libraryI have two reshelving projects on my hands right now. One at the office and one here at home. The one at the office is a whole long discussion in itself.

But today I’ll focus on this: My books are currently a mess. No rhyme or reason exists to my shelves and the piles next to the shelves, other than that they are in the confines of our apartment.

When I first moved in there was E’s bookshelves and mine. That separation quickly disappeared as we had a large amount of duplicate books (O’Reilly, we kept you in business all by ourselves, sorry but we’re only buying one copy these days). Additionally, many of our subject areas overlapped so we combined where we could (NYC history, Judaica, Languages, Military History, Transportation) … but then? Then we didn’t leave any gaps for new acquisitions. I feel overwhelmed but know that if I just take a deep breath and dive in, it’ll happen. I plan to group loosely by subject area as some oversize volumes need a home of their own and will try to leave some space for new. We’ll see how I do.

I’m pretty sure the disorganization is a large reason why I’m having difficulty focusing on what I’m reading. I’ve only recently finished one I’ve not written about. As it was a new-to-me audio-listen only, I don’t feel I can say much about it. I prefer to read text to fully understand and form opinions.

We the Living: 60th Anniversary EditionWe the Living
By Ayn Rand
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This was an audio book. I’ve read her other works and felt I should give this one a go. I’ll need to read it in order to say anything useful about it. I already forget who narrated, but I found the voice pleasant to listen to.

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  1. I, too, need to get some re-organization going on with my bookshelves. I’ve got them sorted by fiction/non-fiction/craft/poetry/drama/rhetoric/medieval. It works okay, but I think it could be better.

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