more scattering and a finish!

of the sticks and strings. I am not faithful to any one project or craft these days. There are currently THREE in my bag with which I’ve decided it’s necessary to commute. Need I remind you that my commute is only about 40 minutes of train ride (each way?) not much time. I feel like a hummingbird flitting from project to project, trying to work on them all.

365.117 ... 20090616TLast night I finally sewed the lining into the Buddy Bag for my little friend C. There’s a penguin-buddy for the bag (which is why C is my friend) but that’s a post for another day. I hope C will like it and that he and I get a chance to visit an aquarium together and see real penguins. The bag uses colours from the discontinued Cotton-Ease, Candy Blue and Blueberry. The lining is a light green cotton. The bag has been completed for about a month before I finally got my act together and sewed the lining. I know that the white pocket should be a proper iceberg, please see #4 below as to why.

This was a pretty easy project and reminded me that there are a few things I don’t like, but need to work on.
1) I do not like projects that require unnecessary seams. While I love sewing, I don’t see the point if there is a potential way to make it seamless. When I knit this project again I will knit it top-down in order to end with a three needle bindoff and a better bottom seam.
2) I dislike stripes in the round. Yes, I know of the jogless tutorials out there. That’s good. I still dislike them.
3) I dislike knitted hems. After completing this project I’ve done two more knitted hems and they have been much more successful.
4) I need to work on my duplicate stitch. That is why the iceberg is as is and there isn’t even a piece sewn on. It was ICK.

Moral? I need to practice the things I don’t like and they will get better. I need to let go and allow myself to modify patterns for how I work instead of doggedly trying to follow the designer at each step.

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  1. Um, explain the relationship between duplicate stitch and the iceberg/pocket? I’m clearly missing something.

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