good finds for good reads

A Little House SamplerLast Wednesday found us at Wall Drugs in South Dakota, an interesting shop with a surprisingly (to me) amazing and impressive book selection. While there I picked up A Little House Sampler by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane. I wasn’t planning on buying any books over this short break, but this one just begged me to take it home (it was on sale and that small fact broke my resolve). It turned into perfect vacation reading. It is a selection of early stories and articles by both Laura and Rose and while we were only in Western Nebraska and South Dakota it was amazing to really see the land and make a little more sense of what Laura encountered growing up. It’s been years since I’ve been in Minnesota or Iowa, and then I spent my time in (mostly) urban areas.

The collection goes back and forth between Laura and Rose and I re-learned a good deal about the real family I had forgotten over the years. I enjoyed reading Laura’s writings for the Missouri Ruralist as they are a completely different sort from the Little House series.

Overall I think that Anderson did a nice job editing the collection together and I enjoyed reading it.

Shortly after I arrived in Denver last Tuesday night, E took me to The Tattered Cover. It seemed nice and expansive and unfortunately I was too exhausted from a day of travel to take full advantage of its offerings.

If you can, this is just a friendly reminder to support your local independent bookshop and public library.