the final four
I recently knit 12 cupcakes for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. These were semi-commissioned as the project played out more like this:

me (seeing photo of cupcakes): Squee! rushes sends email off to M & B offering to help out
M & B (via email): would you like to make one?
me: please? tell me the yarn
B: I’ll send it to you.
me: wow! thanks. I’ll knit as many as I can.

Well, as many as I can turned into 12. I wanted to knit double that but it took me a while to get a production line going and the rowan glace on 2mm’s caused me to allow other (wool) distractions. I enjoyed knitting this because it was a challenge not to deviate (a lot) from the pattern and to try to make them all look similar. Would I get bored? Despite some grumbling to the contrary I loved making all of them. I didn’t want them to look machine made, but not homemade other. I hope they are seen has handmade items and enjoyed. Some definitely have more character than others but that’s some of the fun of it. Pictured are the final four and I miss them. I have enough leftovers that I can make some more in the future, but for now I’m done “baking”. I modified the pattern in a few ways to make it easier for a knitter who loves seamless things and can’t help but change things. Overall it’s a ton of fun and I’m very thankful for M, B, and Miss DT for letting me be a part of this milestone party!

knitted cupcake
by Little Cotton Rabbits
Rowan Pure Wool DK, CashCotton, and Glace.

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  1. well, that was really nice of you to do all that knitting. the cupcakes are super cute. i hope the kids appreciated them!

  2. Those are just TOO cute. Did you deliver them in a cupcake pan?

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