i am holding out on you

I’m reading quite a few books these days that I’m not ‘fessing to. (No, they are not baby books.) I want to see if I can do a nice comparison post for a pile of similar reading. Bring some unity to the words I read. Something along the lines of: “here are a bunch of cookbooks” or “here are a bunch of travel guides” oh wait. DRAT.

I knew I forgot to take something out of the library. You see, I’m running off and tagging-along with E for a few days starting tomorrow (I’m catching on the the end of a business trip and then we’ll take a few days for ourselves). I’ll be back Sunday night and hope to schedule posts for the rest of this week.

Here’s a book I will ‘fess to. It was fun and I enjoyed it as a “light summer read” while I was scrambling to finish piles of work and my brain needed a break.

Palace Circle: A Novel Palace Circle: A Novel
by Rebecca Dean
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It’s cute and I enjoyed reading it, but I’m very happy this was a strand proof and I didn’t pay a considerable amount for it. I would much prefer to read biographies of this time-period instead of fiction.

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  1. Have a safe, fun trip!

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