pardon the dust

I’m taking advantage of yet another grey and rainy day to work through the WordPress 2.8 upgrade. While I have the hood open, I’m also cleaning up a few little odds-and-ends that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

If this weekend when you visit you receive an error message (blah blah blah does not work on line 42), try forcing a refresh of the page (in Firefox hold down shift + reload) in about 3 minutes. Some things I can’t do in my development environment so I need to play with my live install. I like “coding” dangerously.

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  1. You are a bold and brave woman! I’m holding off on the upgrade for a bit until all the bug reports are in. I’ve been the guinea pig for way too many years. I’ll play it safe for now. Is it a vastly different admin to maintain now?

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