a penguin saga

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Last night I had a minor penguin crisis. I’m knitting a buddy bag for C. Since C likes penguins as much as I do, the only buddy I can think to make him is a penguin. So, last night I knitted a worsted weight finger puppet. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Unfortunately I was lazy on the white tummy creation and things kinda fell apart, well, they didn’t fall apart but the verdict was this finger puppet didn’t pass QC. How bad was it? Let’s just say he hid in all the photos I took last night. Poor little guy. Why did he hide? E asked “what’s it supposed to be”. We took that as a sign. He’ll find a home with my penguins. They’ll love him anyway.

This afternoon after a very long morning at the office, I stopped by the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to pick up different yarn and try another approach to my little penguin buddy. I went back to my roots and planned to crochet this little guy. At least that was the plan.

I intended to pick up the needed yarn and head back home to work on some things, including the penguin. The main table was full of interesting people and instead of a lonely afternoon with just fibre and books for company, I decided to sit down and at least figure what hook I needed for my buddy surrounded instead by fibre, books, and friends for company.

365.118 ... 20090617WI borrowed a hook and after an afternoon of great conversation and hooking, I had a buddy. He’s not perfect in many ways, but I am pleased with the result. I don’t want to put bead/button eyes on him because C’s little sister might try to eat them. His wings are a bit big. But I think he works and I like him, so does PG.

Woah, back up, an afternoon? I spent an entire afternoon — during the work week there? Yup. Remember two weeks ago I mentioned I was switching my schedule around? It’s totally working for me. I don’t feel guilt and I’m more productive between 8-11 pm than I have been in quite some time. I’ve done more billable client work in the past two weeks than the past well, more than two months.

LB sampler progressAnyway, back to the Studio. While Lion Brand has been around (and family owned) since 1878, the Studio is their first foray into a stand-alone retail shop. I think they are doing quite well. The Studio is staffed by a diverse collection of knowledgeable and kind employees (they put up with me!). One of the cardinal precepts of the Studio is education and allowing customers to try and ask questions (go see the crochet & knit doctors). The sampling wall is a ton of fun and a great way to try some yarn. I do suggest winding a length onto a card as they suggest, but I do like my way too. ;)

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  1. We don’t “put up with you”, we all love when you come by. Yesterday when you left, Jodi turned to me and said “I had such a nice time with her”. So there!

  2. You have a great resource there! Cute penguin!

  3. Penguin looks great, and yes it does look like a beak after all . I also love Lion Brand Studio. Thanks for the conversation.

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