i will not pass blame

to my various calendaring systems. I’ve used 3-4 different systems so far this year. Since getting sick last week, I’m feeling overwhelmed again and because in this current version I created a system where I need to check 4 calendars, 3 to-do lists, 2 sides of my brain, I have found that there is 1 tired, and increasingly frustrated Penny.

My Work is the type resulting in some elements that must be completed during “normal business hours” (whatever that means anymore) and the rest can be done whenever, as long as they get done. For years I’ve been trying to cram myself into the 8-6 lifestyle but have come to realize that doesn’t work best for me. I have certain types of my Work that I perform best at certain times of the day. I’m going to try to harness this and make it work and not feel bizarre guilt for working as I work and not conforming to someone else’s standard. I don’t in other aspects of my life, why do I keep trying this? I’m blessed in that I have a situation where I can try this. So I’m going to go for it.

Right, so this post means I’ve fallen behind on my “make a copy/make a backup” series. While it is very important to me and some long-range plans I have, it has been pushed aside for other things the past two weeks. I hope that part two will be published next Friday.

I know I’m not the only one to realize or feel this way. I know that Dave has been going through a bit of change and I thought that Kim posted on getting away from the 8-6 mentality the other day (week?) but since I tend to write and publish these by the seat of my ‘pants I can’t find it.

Anyway, I’ll figure it out. It’s not yet out of control — which is very very good and i will one day have a good evaluation of what systems do not EVER work for me.

What will I be doing? Fixing up a Filofax (a5 size. I love my personal one but it’s just TOO small) and work log so that they are my primary references and schedule daily and weekly reviews so that little things are addressed before they become big scary elephants.

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  1. My life improved dramatically when I broke out of the “usual” work day conformity. Call it rebellion, creativity, whatever, but I am infinitely happier when I can schedule my life the way I like. Sure, there must be conformity in some aspects, but for the most part, I can dictate when I grade, when I write, etc. I’m excited to see how it works for you!!

  2. I wish I could work *unusual* hours, but alas – it’s impossible in the library. As for calendars, I’ve been using one little one this year, and it really isn’t working very well for me. I need room for notes as well as dates, else I have to consult various little books. Next year, it’ll be different.

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