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365.085 ... 20090515FThis past week I finally finished my February lady sweater. I put it on immediately after finishing and wore it (almost non-stop) for a few days (BRR!!) but definitely did not need it today.

If you read this whole post, there is a small contest contest at the end related to what I’ve been doing for the past three years.

February Lady Sweater adapted by pamela wynne, original pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann
smallest size but knitted with: 3.75 skeins, 738.8 yards (675.5m) Lion Brand Wool-Ease and a 5mm needle.
Rav project link
Begun: 20081005
Finished: 20090515 at 9:15a
Mods: I didn’t really change much. EZ wrote a great pattern and the adaptation was simple to follow. Of course I did the sleeves two up and on circs. Buttons were sewn on as I went so that it would be ready for immediate wear. The sleeves and bottom hem have five garter ridges before bind-off. There is a bit of arm hole puckering as others have mentioned but I don’t really care. I have a sweater!

Question to those who are still reading:
1. How many knitting or crochet projects did I complete between September 5, 2006 and today May 20, 2009?
2. How many yards/meters did I knit or crochet up?
3. How many pairs of *completed* (hint) socks?
4. How many cowls?
(optional) 5. What is your favourite project of the lot?
(optional) 6. What would you like me to knit this summer? There will be some lace (Aeolian) and some socks.

Today I added some more alphabet soup to my collection (it’s not anything unique or special) and I’m in a generous mood. There will two types of allowed responses: those who can look on rav and those who can’t. I’ve posted /most/ things around the web but not everything. I have some other stealth projects, but those do not count in this list.

To enter: You must comment on at least one post prior to this one. You must answer each of the first four questions. Post your entry in the comments. You can either guess or go counting. I don’t care.

(Edited: for date error. I apparently can’t read a calendar) I will disregard entries that arrive after 11:59:59 on Sunday May 31 24 2009. I will post the winner(s) next Wednesday. If more than two people answer correctly I will probably use slips of paper, a hat, and my husband to choose the winner(s).

I’m not 100% sure what the prize will be but I will do my best to match it to the winner(s). Though, next time I should probably plan ahead and not post a last-minute barely thought out contest.

Guess I should get counting…

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2 Replies to “among other things”

  1. 1. 148 projects.
    2. This one is tricky since it looks like not everything is linked in your stash. I’ll guess 30,000 yards
    3. 13
    4. 19, excepting if you want finished only, in which case the one in progress means you have only knit 18.
    5. My favorite is cowl 11. ;)
    6. Aeolian! We need to figure out when, since we’d said May but it’s already almost the end of May. Also, I’m going to knit an ishbel and I think you ought to too!

  2. 1. 147 per Ravelry started on or after Sept. 5, 2006 have been finished
    2. this year, or since Sept. 5, 2006? 4,080 meters since the beginning of *this* year. I would guess about 12,000 since the ’06 date.
    3. I count 27 – including slippers and booties.
    4. 18 finished, 1 hbernating
    5. by unanimous vote in this house (not easy, I tell you!) – FRED!
    6. not sure. I’m not even sure what *I* want to knit this summer.

    I hope that 11:59:59 was PM and not AM, or all of this was in vain. . .

    – LC

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