As I return to real life^ I’m trying to plan out what the next few weeks will bring — as much as I am able — ????? ??????, ???? ????? — Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht. or Man plans, God laughs. (sorry, I’m not skilled at typing yiddish. I’ll try to fix the accents to display properly in browsers.)

I see these Friday posts as a place to cover the wide range of other things I’m interested in, a “free for all” of sorts.

Next week I plan to post a tutorial on backing up your information, for this post I’ll limit it to how to backup a free-host blog be it blogspot, wordpress, typepad, or live journal (am I missing anyone?). I will warn now that I might be light on the typepad backup instructions… I’ll include some generic ideas that should cover everyone while I’m at it. I’ve heard chatter of need for this. I hope it will help someone.

I hope that soon I’ll have things set up so that I can migrate those posts to another more appropriate space. I try to keep my worlds separate.

In the next few weeks I hope to write about some of the following things. I’ve not yet fleshed them out in detail but here are some thoughts:

  • about pens and pencils
  • the power of crayon
  • about paper
  • about planning forms
  • Shavout
  • recent travel
  • gluten free baking (if I ever actually get to the baking instead of just the thinking of baking)

Is there something you’d like for me to write about? Try me. We might all be surprised by the result. ;)

^ I’ve completed my part-time grad school program and hope my sinuses have finished reminding me they exist.

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  1. Crayon! To me, the power of the crayon is its scent. It’s Proustian!

  2. Not that this is very useful, but I like Rabbi Teller’s translation of that phrase: “Man toils, G-d foils.”

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