no time to write

I have my nose buried in a book. Any book. Whatever I want. There are no reading assignments for me at except what I alone wish to read.

Ok, a large portion of my current reading is what I owe back to the Uni by 01 June, but it’s really stuff I want to read.

This summer I plan to reread a few favourites and make my way through some of classics I haven’t read.

So, please … recommend a book. Something you think I should definitely read (or reread) and why. Don’t be shy. There may be a gift in it for you (when and what, I have no idea but I will remember).

I’ll post whatever was finished this past week, next week. I’m going to read!

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2 Replies to “no time to write”

  1. Water for Elephants. Devil in the White City and/or Isaac’s Storm. Watership Down.

  2. Oops, I never sent that package! (It was supposed to be a Hebrew birthday gift, but Pesach craziness overcame all.)

    Anyway, I have some suggestions in the form of actual books (I’ve read them enough and they want to move on now.) Will have to get those packed up and out. You haven’t moved right? So I should still have your address somewhere.

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