summer spin preview

365.076 ... 20090506W
I will try spin 10 minutes daily summer with Dave in his Summer of Spinning challenge. My goals are simple:

  • remember to oil Mr I’m-no-longer-Squeaky
  • relax and not treadle as if it’s a race.
  • spin up as many different stash fibres as I can. Learn what they are.
  • Learn how I spin them. Learn what I like. Write down my thoughts and experiences

In short, finally get to know my wheel. Sure, there’ll be days when I only get a bit of spindling time in, but I want to try to improve my spinning. The wheel received a lot of TLC from Dave (a different one) on Sunday. He spins wonderfully and squeaks just enough to remind me when and where I should oil.

You’ll be able to track my progress at this page and I’ll try to make a nicer interface shortly.