E loves to make smoothies. I love to enjoy smoothies.

We seem to be in a banana + strawberry + ginger smoothie rut.

What’s your favourite?

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  1. I love the Jamba Juice strawberries wild smoothie recipe that’s out there on the internet – a mixture ice, juice, frozen vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and banana.

  2. That sounds like a good rut! I’ve not had the ginger with that combo–we usually do banana and strawbs with chocolate rice milk…yums!

  3. The local coffeeshop used to have a pineapple-cantaloupe smoothie that was amazing, when melon is back in season. Their mango-ginger one was also quite good.

  4. My kids have been asking for strawberry-mango-pineapple (with whole milk, whole milk yogurt, and a little pomegranate juice).

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