currently in progress

I do have quite a few finished objects to share, but haven’t written them up to my satisfaction yet. So below is some commentary on a few projects I’m currently working on.

365.054 ... 20090414TBut first, I’ve been falling for some different colours in the shops. Some are brighter. Some are different and outside my normal palette (LB Superwash Merino in Dijon, I’m looking at you). Not all have come home with me (oh dear, that would be a disaster) but I’m finding excuses to add them to the stash. I think it’s that spring is finally here and once again I’m excited. I love grey. But I love blue sky and warmth as well.

I’ll post the rest after the jump as this became pretty long and while most of you seem to read through an rss reader – of sorts – I’ll try to keep the front index page shorter…

365.056 ... 20090416RA friend’s hug. A friend of mine is going through a rough patch so I’m knitting her a comfort shawl. At the moment I’m still using Sandi’s numbers for the shawl, but this one is garter stitch and will probably also incorporate crochet so I’m not quite sure when it stops being her pattern and becomes my own. I should talk with an attorney about that. I chose garter for this one I wanted it to be reversible so that she didn’t have to stress if her shawl was on inside out. She has enough to worry about right now. Plus I wanted to see if it could be done. ;)

365.048 ... 20090408WI’m also knitting one for myself. I like the Faroese shaping. This is with some discontinued Wool-ease in a sport weight. The colour is called Mushroom so it’s perfect for me. I keep wanting to go back to Smileys and pick up more if any is to be had (I have another ball, lot #19896). So far I’ve resisted. I’m using Sandi’s numbers as guidance here and am also incorporating the Textured Shawl Recipe by orlane that is making the rounds of Ravelry. It’s gorgeous and while I’ve been distracted by other projects but will pick it up again soon. It’s a perfect penny colour.

flutter scarf progressI’m currently ignoring the Flutter Scarf. I love the pattern, but seem to not enjoy the yarn colour this go. I think once I finish one flutter I’ll be more into it, but for now it sits. I can totally knit this “lace” on the train or in class so it will remain a portable project.

FLS progressMy FLS is making progress. I picked up for the sleeves the other day. I’m knitting them now even though I’m not done with the body because I want this cardigan to be complete so I can knit other things. I have yarn for at least two more cardigans begging for my attention. It’s probably good that after tomorrow night I only have a paper I need to finish (start?) writing and present. I’m knitting the sleeves 2-up on circs as is my normal way to knit this sorta thing.

365.058 ... 20090418SThe other day a ball of Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown came home with me. For reasons unknown. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it. Then on Ravelry one day came a Shoe Rug and I knew it was to be. I’m knitting this one with one strand and I’ll probably make it smaller as this will live near the closet for the pair of clogs I wear every single day and just am unable to put away. I’m planning on buying more Fishermen’s Wool and knitting myself a bulkier version of either this or another cable pattern to put next to the bed. Time will tell if that ever happens. I find the Fishermen’s wool sturdy, warm, and not cheap ick.

Lastly I’m trying to get ahead on baby knitting. A while back, when I knitted that wee leaf hat that is just uber adorable, I only knew of one person having a baby and as I am superstitious well, email me if you don’t know why and are curious, I knew it wasn’t for her. I found out the other day that a classmate is having a baby boy in July so the set will go to him (ok, his WIFE is having the baby, but….) and a whole bunch of others either just had babies (so I can knit with a purpose) or will in the next 2-3 months. So I need to get my act back in gear and have a stash of baby stuff ready. This morning I cast on for a cute cardi and have plans for several others. I’m also easing back into crochet and am slowly building back up the washcloth stash.

365.039 ... 20090330MWhen I’m not spinning the yummy silk-merino blend on my spindle, I’m spinning cotton on the wheel and getting mad at Mr. Squeaky Wheel who isn’t behaving. It’s good that Maryland is almost here because he is going for a ride and will see Dave for a tune-up. I think all my “I can make him better” taking apart resulted in something not being put back quite right. He might come home with either a double treadle addition (in that case he gets to visit Dave’s workshop and then come back to me in a box with some stamps) or straight home with a jumbo flyer. I’d love both, but I’m not sure if I should do so right now. I’ve been wanting a woolee-winder but those cost as much as Squeaky did and I don’t yet spin enough. We’ll see.

I’m doing quite a bit of other stitchery stuff, or at least planning it. Once the term ends and my evenings loosen up a bit we’ll see what happens. Here’s to creativity!