what’s your best leftover surprise?

With holidays arriving just around the corner for a whole bunch of folks, I doubt I’m the only one cleaning out the fridge and pantry to make room for a sudden influx of more food.

Tonight wasn’t very creative, just leftover rice & vege stir fry.

So, I ask you:
     what meal of leftover random clean out the fridge and/or pantry concoction surprised you with the amount it used up and was still edible?

Please don’t hesitate to comment if what you made was a bacon and milk shrimp scampi. While *I* won’t eat that for quite a few reasons, that doesn’t mean that someone else reading the comments won’t be influenced by the idea. I just ask on your honour, that it was something you actually made, ate, and enjoyed.

Kinda makes you wish you had The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs? Yeah, me too. I just wish I had a place to put it if I bought it. *sigh*

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2 Replies to “what’s your best leftover surprise?”

  1. I actually like to plan so that I can make a second meal out of leftovers. I especially love crockpot roasts for this. I will make a roast for the first night and then the next we have roast beef sandwiches, then the third night I will either make beef vegetable soup or shepherd’s pie.

  2. I’m not good at “clean out the fridge” meals. I meal plan on Sunday, buy what I need, and use it. I want to change my ways a little so I can have more flexibility if I’m not in the mood to make what I planned for the week.

    My ex-husband is a genius in the kitchen. I’d open the fridge and see nothing edible. He’d open it and we’d have a restaurant quality meal. Oh, how spoiled I was!

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