birthday sweater

No not, mine, that will be finished some day. I present, E’s “29” sweater, knitted in honour of his 29th birthday earlier this year. He asked for a sweater so a sweater I knitted. This sweater is to replace the super wash sweater we picked up in Scotland in 2001. The one that we both wore so much it is beyond repair to keep as a sweater we can wear to the office.

29%20sweater - penny-and-eli.com29 Sweater for E
Circular Seamless Raglan Sweater – WG8 SO42
by Elizabeth Zimmermann
from Spun Out / Wool Gathering (I knitted from my copy of Opinionated Knitter)
just over 900 yards (4.6 skeins) of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey
4,5mm needles
Started February 20 2009
Completed March 22 2009
Ravelry Project Page

It has the honour of being the first full adult garment I’ve knitted (it has sleeves the veste doesn’t really count). It has the honour of teaching me I can knit much of a sweater on the train. It has the honour of making me sick and tired of grey so much so that I pulled out all my yarn looking for something very different to knit and craving colour desperately. I feel badly for my FLS, but I will finish it some day.

Oh, and bonus? He wore it two days in a row! :) Thankfully it was too warm today to be worn.

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  1. Yea!!! Isn’t it a lovely feeling when a knit-wear recipient actually wears what you knit? Especially when it is a family member?

    Nice job!

  2. Oh Penny! That looks so fabulous! And yay that he wore it two days in a row!

  3. It looks really nice! Just wait until next year when it snows and he doesn’t want to part with it!

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