i hate to rain on your parade

but pesach is coming.

We ended up doing some deep cleaning we hadn’t planned on so for once we’re ahead of the game. Sort of. The couch has been vacuumed as has the file server. Somehow I don’t think chametz was in one of those places, but what do I know about what certain household objects do while we’re away? Oh wait one of them gives me log files. :P

I’ve not yet started planning meals, as in years past I don’t want meat and don’t want heavy foods (matzoh is enough). I’m trying to cut down the amount of cheese I eat (so many reasons) so it could be a week of very interesting meals. I just wish rice wasn’t kitniyot.

We’ve not done much looking as to what’s available at Pom or ShopRite yet. Like most people I know, we’re in denial as to how soon Pesach is. My quick run through ShopRite yesterday showed it’s pickings slim. I’m not surprised as I believe they expect most consumers to go to Pom or other kosher food markets. I do know that it’s already a game of hide and seek at Pom as to where non-kosher-l’pesach foods have been reshelved until after the holiday. Since I love random discovery I actually don’t mind (as long as I’m not in a rush).

But here’s a more pressing question: what should I make for dinner tomorrow night (or sometime soon, feel free to keep commenting until the coments are automagically closed in about 3 months)?
Your constraints:
– Vegetarian (egg/dairy ok) or Vegan
– Non-fussy. I’m not in a high-maintenance cooking mood.
– Takes at most 90 min of prep & cook time — I get home late in the afternoon & need to do laundry
– Isn’t miso soup (what we had Tues night) or falafel (Monday’s dinner).
– I’d like something cooked.
– would use up random things in the pantry. Off the top of my head I think I have some hominy, pineapple, rice, pasta…. I’m not opposed to buying foods but I’d like to start clearing things out.

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  1. Last night I chopped up some swiss chard, asparagus and oyster mushrooms and sauteed them in olive oil with garlic, some salt and pepper and some red pepper flakes. Added some cream/half and half/milk, then some grated Parmesan cheese and a squirt of lemon juice and ate it over penne. 20 minutes, or thereabouts and you could sub in any vegetables that you can get [we’re spoiled here and things are readily available.]

  2. I guess it would be too prosaic to suggest matzo brei? I could live on matzo brei. With applesauce.

  3. I was thinking pasta with marinara sauce or pesto sauce. I know pesto is pretty fast especially if you have a food processor.

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