one consequence of procrastination

is that I couldn’t read all I wanted to over what to the full-time student crowd is known as Spring Break. I turned in a paper on Wednesday and had class Thursday night, so I didn’t get much of a Break at all. I did spend ten minutes in Central Park last Wednesday as a treat before this new cold snap so if that counts…

I did finish two books this week. First up is a book I fell in love with.

by Neil Gaiman
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I suggest you read Melanie‘s review. She’s written more eloquently than I ever could. I didn’t have the fortune of listening to an author-narrated audio book but enjoyed every minute of it nonetheless. I kept it as a special gift for myself to enjoy this past Shabbat.

I also finished listening to

A Brief History of TimeA Brief History of Time
by Stephen W. Hawking
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Maths and I? We get along pretty well (even though I can’t count). Chemistry? That’s ok though it is my only known proven cure for insomnia. Biology? Swoon. Physics? Not a good match. I don’t know why I hadn’t read this before because it made a lot more sense than many of the courses I’ve taken over the years. I didn’t find it earth shatteringly brilliant, but that could be because I listened to it on the train in the morning while high school girls did whatever noisy chattering they do each morning and it was drowned out.

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2 Replies to “one consequence of procrastination”

  1. I’m flattered! Thank you for the compliment and the link.

    I’ve also developed a passion for Neil Gaiman that won’t be satisfied until I have read everything he ever published.

  2. I haven’t read either of them. I’ve been told I’d enjoy Neil Gaiman but I’m not sure. I have been told I’d like a lot of things that I just didn’t enjoy… so I’m not sure. Hrmmm…

    Oh and Stephen Hawking has recently (a few months ago) accepted a research position at Waterloo University in Waterloo, On, about an hour from me. Its the biggest university in Canada for theoretical physics. My friend goes there and I’m so jealous.

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