holiday food mashup

I meant to posit this last week, but was distracted by that awesome clementine. Since I’m still thinking about it here you go:

About a week ago, the awesome Shanna asked a question which I’ve copied in part below:

… how many holiday food traditions could one cram into a single, edible (and preferably palatable) item? Carob hamentasch = Tu B’Shevat + Purim. Fry it, and you cover Chanukah. Fried carob hamentasch with a honey-based dough = Chanukah + Tu B’Shevat + Purim + Rosh Hashana. Maybe you can even argue Sukkot, because hamentaschen are stuffed, in a manner of speaking.

Can you come up with a more inclusive delicacy?

(Please note the O in the word carob. I admit to missing that key letter during the first read-through and being very very confused.)

So I ask you, on this evening following much unnatural green, what your ultimate holiday mashup would be. You can’t offend me by including things *I* personally won’t or can’t eat (i.e. shellfish, meat, dairy+meat, wheat). I’m curious what you would come up with. Please provide brief explanation of what holidays it covers.