365.001 ... 20090220F

In order to both celebrate our birthdays this year and to improve our photograph skills, Beverly and I are doing a 365 Photo Challenge. I’m a bit behind in processing and uploading some photos, so this is my first photo from the Challenge taken on February 20th. My goals for this project are to remember to observe and enjoy the greater world around me, to further reduce my “tunnel vision” (new glasses were the first step toward that), and also to work on frame composition and lighting. This is Eli’s mini tripod which I had just set out as I was debating between it and his gorilla pod (which is for his rebel, but fits on my sd1100 for which it’s just “overkill”). I had the gorillapod on my camera and this sitting on my backdrop just because that’s where I put it. I fell in love with the shot.

The 365 photos will be posted to my flickr stream.

(And if I’ve written in detail about this already, please forgive my repetition — I’ll blame grad school while I still can. ;) )