food moods

I go through food moods.

Right now I’m in my “Vegetarian Korean” mood. I love Korean food, but it’s impossible to find restaurants that meet my dietary needs here. So, this week I’m making recipes I’ve not tried before and sometimes even with ingredients I tend to wrinkle my nose at. I’m a very adventurous eater, but I had a yam run-in a few years ago that has me a little less free than I used to be. It’s not all Korean food all the time here, but I am working through a few new-to-me recipes. I find eating something different a good way to combat the “March definitely came in like a Lion” blues.

Sunday night found me making a vegetarian pozole. It was divine and the perfect thing for a cold yucky evening. Also, hominy reminds me of happy childhood memories so that’s a good thing.

Last night we made kukuma tubu muchim, also known as Sweet Potato Tofu. The week before I picked up some baby sweet potatoes at the Green Market and this was a beautiful way to showcase them. This recipe is really easy: First drain and press the tofu. Cube it. Boil the peeled & cubed sweet potatoes until soft. In a wok or large skillet saute an onion (or shallot) until soft and add in some freshly grated ginger, the tofu, potatoes, and a green pepper. I only had one roasted red pepper in the pantry and used that instead and I like it better. Cook until browned, or when the onion is nicely caramelized. When it’s browned to your liking add in some soy sauce (2-3 TBS, not much) and let it reduce, for 1-2 minutes. It was divine! There are no photos to this post because we ate up everything.

Tonight I’m making baechu dangoon kuksu, which is Cabbage Carrot Noodles. I’m going to subsitute some baby bok choy for the cabbage tonight, but I think in the future this might be a good “rush” recipe because I could see buying a bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix. This recipe is basically sauteed cabbage and carrot mixed with spaghetti. Simple, easy, and yummy!

What type of food mood are you in?

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  1. I’m craving fresh (meaning, just picked a few minutes ago) veggies. I cannot wait for summer. I guess I should open a jar of canned tomatoes and pretend.

  2. Not cheap (not very expensive either) is Hangawi–in midtown- its on the south side of 32nd street, just east of 5th Ave (closer to 5th than Madison–but i forget the exact address.

    It’s well established, (does take out.. but not as a major part of their business) and its Yarn Harlots favorite restaurant in NYC.

    there are some other korean vegitarian restaurants (or rather there were–i don’t know if they are still around!) up town (upper west side)

    1. It looks good, but vege doesn’t mean kosher. thank you for the recommendation and i’ll pass it on to my vege friends! there have been chinese kosher places on the uws but i’ve not seen a korean one in the past 10+ years. (nb: trying the “new” reply to comment feature)

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