Due to a string of deadlines arriving all at once, my home office area has grown and morphed to the point I sat at E’s desk the other day so I could do some work. Today will be spent reorganizing, sorting, filing, and purging.

I’ve been quite remiss in taking photos for my Workspace 365 challenge (not to be confused with the 365 Challenge I’m doing with Beverly though I may continue to combine them on occasion).

Here’s what the space looks like after about an hour of cleaning:

365.008 ... 20090226F

I think I’m going to get back to work. ;)

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  1. I’m in the same boat. Poor Neal gave up his half of the office for my loom, so I don’t dare infringe on his little corner of the living room to sit at his desk. Yesterday’s 365 photo was of my sloppy writing desk, not to be confused with my overrun crafting table. When I get home from running errands, I must, MUST clean the office!!!

  2. I’ve started to do some Sashiko! I am on the 4th place mat of hopefully 8. I’ll be sure to post photos soon.

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