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365.005 ... 20090224TI’m mostly a lacto-ovo-vegetarian .. I will on the rare occasion eat poultry (but not cook it), the very very rare occasion eat meat (likewise), and I will eat fish if I can find fish I feel fit my requirements. I try not to beat myself up about these slippages too much– though I end up cornered for the poultry or meat in places I don’t feel that I’m able to ask about how ethically that item was obtained (both for the animal and the employees). So please, I don’t want to hear that from you either. Each of us has our own reasons and rationals. I won’t question you, I ask kindly that you don’t question me. I just feel obligated to put that fact out there into the wilds for “you”. Recently I’ve not been happy about my egg consumption. Both what it is and how I obtained it previously. So far I haven’t cut them out, but what I have done is that I try to consume them in as FAIR a way as possible. Last week I wandered through the Farmer’s Market after being away for a few weeks and I saw that there were eggs. YAY! Yesterday I picked up 6 and I look forward to enjoying these free-range, grass fed, local eggs. I look forward to Spring when I can soft boil a local egg and enjoy some local asparagus with it. Tonight I will honour these eggs in a Leek-GF Spaghetti Fritatta.

What food item are you most looking forward to Spring bringing? I want asparagus.

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  1. I want fresh, baby chocolates.

  2. I want garlic scapes, now that I know what to do with them.

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