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Pilot Hi-Tec-C collectionNot only do I love pens, I have a thing for paper and notebooks. As with my pens, I’m quite picky as to what I prefer and tend to have a biased preference toward anything Japanese and either A5 or B5 in size.

I <3 Muji. While we were in Tokyo and London several years ago, I made several stops to Muji as we did not have any shops here in the States. That has changed.

The paper I used last week to write the Hi-Tec-C samples(^) is a Muji pad of B5 writing paper with 50 sheets in total. It is cream coloured with a 6mm light grey line, but is lined on one side only. The price is very tempting as well — $1.75 per pad.

It is this 6mm light grey line which is perhaps the most important part of the deal. In general, my handwriting is tiny and written with a fine tipped pen or pencil. The steno notebook I have laying around is 8.5mm and a composition book is just a shade under 9mm. That’s HUGE! In general I try to buy only those notebooks which comply with my preference which is very light lines with a spacing of 7mm or less and no margin line if possible. If I want a margin, I want to put it where I want it and will draw it in myself.

The paper is smooth. It holds up well to my wacky abuse; in an early morning pre-coffee test it passed my no bleed-through desires. The test was performed with the first set of pens I grabbed: a mostly dried out calligraphy fountain pen, an almost out of ink Lamy, a pigma micron 0.5, and a sharpie pen. I find it is wonderful for letter writing and gift giving.

Muji also has recently offered a larger A4 pad as well and I believe that is $2.25. I’m also pretty sure that the paper is recycled. Please note that it’s a little confusing so far as to what products Muji has in stock in their NY stores. My favourite notebooks disappeared for a bit and no one really could tell me why or when more would come. I’m not sure how long these notepads will last, but I am trying to build a stash.

(^) Thank you all for your kind words on my little review. I’ve since thought of many different things to write about and different ways to explain these pens and others. They will make a reappearance in the future. In my next pen review (coming sometime soon, I have a variety of pens I enjoy) I hope to incorporate some of my thoughts.

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  1. Is the paper the same that you gave me? It’s awesome. Even though the back isn’t ruled, it doesn’t matter because it takes ink the same way as the front.

    (Sometimes, paper that is wonderful on the front is less so on its back…)

    Thanks for the link to the store. I’ll be spending money now,

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