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PG%20with%20Chai%20Latte - penny-and-eli.comWhat’s your favourite tea? PG and I are partial to a really good chai. If we can’t enjoy that then we like to partake in ginger, roobios, or a nice genmaicha.

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  1. I am a big fan of chai myself, and I love it quite spicy. It makes a lovely iced tea or warm latte…and is beautiful all by itself as “normal.”

    Otherwise, my favorites are sturdy black teas and bright, flavorful tisanes (with an occasional oolong or rooibos). Like a true Southerner, I love glass after glass of strong iced Lipton…and like a good Texan, I prefer to sweeten it (lightly) myself by the glass. I also love hibiscus teas, especially with mint and fruit.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what I choose – hot or iced, no matter the variety, I like all my teas brewed quite strong. I’ve tried several greens and whites, but both seem to have a bitterness that I just don’t care for.

    This is inspiring. If you don’t mind, I may end up moving some of it over as starter for a whole tea post… :)

  2. I think I prefer flavoured green and black teas. I really do love chai. Lately theres one we get from Zen Gardens called Monk’s Blend, which is great. Its ceylon black tea with vanilla and grenadine.

    I really enjoy a tea from Germany one of my penpals sends me (often!) which is raspberry chilli tea. Yum.

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