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gluten free rollFor E’s birthday dinner last Saturday night, his parents gave me a very nice gift in a bag of Katz Gluten-Free Sandwich Rolls. I was hesitant as these are a frozen product that had hung out for a bit in the fridge to defrost. We put one in the oven until I felt it might be warm enough (the oven was already on, i think it went into a 400° oven for 10 minutes or so, that might be more or less because I don’t remember at all). I put it on the table and spent the start of our meal touching, poking, and sniffing it. It smelled right. On the outside it felt like bread. But I wasn’t sure — so many GF products look good, but are terrible on the inside. Finally, before it cooled off two much, I broke it open and met my first surprise. It did not crumble into dust. I put a small piece tentatively in my mouth and chewed. Meet surprise number two: It tasted like a roll and the texture in my mouth was right. It took a good amount of self control not to shove the rest of the roll into my mouth and eat it all right then and there. I’m happy that I didn’t because of surprise number three: It has held up to hummus torture. The only downside is they are pretty small; I can’t fit a whole one in my mouth, but I do like my rolls on the larger side. I’ve saved the remaining three (four to a bag) to make my lunches and dinner to tide me over during class. If you are looking for a GF roll to serve … I do recommend these. They are available at my local kosher market, Pomegranate, and probably many other places including online.

Historical post reiteration: I still miss the original Iron Chef and I’ve yet to cure my dolsot pots. I’ve only made bibimbap once this winter.

Next week: Review of a new-to-me-gf-pasta I found at Pom tonight. Quick: YUM and YAY!

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  1. (um, before it cooled off *how many* much?)

    – go reread!

  2. We miss the original Iron Chef, too. It was so over-the-top, and some of the ingredients were, well, so awful that they would have been funny if you weren’t watching them getting killed, gutted, whatever. For example, the octopus in the pot of boiling water – we were convinced that it was reaching toward the stove controls to try to turn it off!

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