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It appears I can knit in both my classes this term. Yay! It means there will be lots of portable projects these next few weeks. I have quite a bit already off the needles, some of them are finished and sent off to a new home, some of them are waiting for me to finish the dreaded “weave in of ends” and photograph them.

My professor today commented “wait, that’s not what you had last week”. I had to think what that was as there have been quite a few things since then. I don’t think I knit terribly quickly either — I am just very lucky to have some chunks of time in my day when I can knit.

What sort of things am I planning to knit in these last two classes? Lots of cowls. I like cowls and think they are nicer than socks to knit in class as they are in the round (mostly) but there are no heels to turn so I can pretty much just cast on, join, and go to town. There will be some dishcloths, mostly because I discovered mum has actually been using the ones I gave her and those are becoming threadbare. That has made my year. Yay! For these, I’m just casting on and seeing what happens. I had some surprises today and am enjoying the results. It’s fun to play. There may be some baby things as I attempt to get ahead of all my friends who are having children, but there may not be. You know how it is? I say I feel queasy and people immediately think something else. Or they see a baby item being knit (hat, bootee, etc) and assume it is to be kept for future use. *sigh* There will be at least two pairs o fingerless mitts. I was going to write about one pair today, but I lost one last Thursday while on campus (the first hand-knitted item I’ve lost, if you know me, this is pretty remarkable) and I’m still sad and slightly bitter about it. Maybe next week I’ll write about this pair. Though, there is a silver lining as I plan to make the next pair even better!

I should state that I didn’t feel comfortable knitting in my class last term. They thought me weird enough as it was, if I added knitting to the mix who knows what may have happened. Plus, I tended to need both hands to either find relevant pages or to write a short note.

My February Lady Sweater has been neglected for a few weeks now. This makes me sad, but I do not have the mental energy to schlep it around and work on it. I think that once I get to the lace pattern (perhaps three more rows, it’s really not far) I may get my mojo back, but for now it sits alone.

The baby blanket I’m knitting for a long-time family friend has stalled for reasons I haven’t figured out other than boredom. I may bring it to class tomorrow night as it isn’t a terribly un-portable project, just one I’ve not worked on in public much due to the “baby knitting issue” described above.

I’m trying to catch up on my stash and may soon list a few items for sale, trade, or just ship them off to others …. I have too much right now and it isn’t encouraging my creativity but stifling it.

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  1. I’m in the same place with my FLS. I committed to knitting a six-foot strip for a charity blanket, and that tedious project has been my one and only for a while now. I keep plugging away!

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