As I settle back into student mode and spend an afternoon completing research and writing assignments, I find that I’ve also returned to snack mode. I’m not a junk food person, at least not often. I don’t want a bowl of chocolate (despite what my husband may think); when I’m trying to focus on my work I want a bowl something crunchy with a hint of salt nearby.

There have been numerous studies that tout crunchy snacks help with brain focus and reduction of stress so I know I’m not crazy (for this) or different.

My favorites include dried edamame, Japanese rice crackers, carrots, or a big bowl of warm and freshly-popped popcorn sprinkled with cayenne pepper and grated Parmesan.

What are some of your favourite crunch snacks?

I should admit that I have weaknesses too, mine include kettle corn or potato chips with french onion dip.

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  1. Wheat Thins. Delicious. Also, ruffles plain potato chips and homemade clam dip. Which I have to make myself because you can’t really find it outside of New England and also, if you can? It’s nasty.

  2. I like Wheat Thins too! Sometimes plain, sometimes not…last week I discovered Jif honey-flavored peanut butter…really good on them.

    Almonds, usually the smokehouse kind.

    Parmesan Goldfish.

    Honey-roasted pecans.

    Something I discovered very recently: I’m in love with most things pumpkin, including roasted seeds. Well, in the bulk area of Central Market (similar to Trader Joe’s, I think), I discovered tamari-seasoned pumpkin seeds. Flavorful, salty, full of iron!

  3. Wheat thins, definitely! Also English water crackers with sesame seeds, pretzels (w/o salt and definitely w/o chocolate!), and dry cereals (Quaker Oat Squares, Rice Chex).

  4. Potato chips and pretzels. Popcorn, too.

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