encre gris nuage

Lace Ribbon Scarf aka Encre Gris NuageLace Ribbon Scarf
by Veronik Avery
from Knitty, Spring 2008
1 star for knit review1 star for knit review1 star for knit review1 star for knit review1 star for knit review
1 ball Rowan 4 Ply Soft in #387- Rain Cloud
3.25mm needles
6in wide x 56in long
Mods: I CO 35 because I wanted a long and not-too-wide scarf.
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My photos do not do this beautiful scarf justice. I love everything about it. The width, the length, the yarn, the colour. All of it. Even though it’s not a reversible scarf. So I’m inconsistent. Deal.

The lovely Emy sent me 2 balls of the yarn in a Yarn & Pen swap this past autumn. My favourite ink colour, though I don’t use it often, is a J Herbin ink called encre gris nuage. It’s a very light grey and my pen pals complained so I just use it for journal writing. Emy said that the yarn pleaded with her to be bought and packaged and posted to me and I’m very happy it did, because Rowan 4-ply is a joy to work with and the colour is perfect. Thank you Emy! I’m now longing for Spring so I can wear it outside instead of just in the apartment when I need a smile. I’m still plotting how best to use the second ball. I have plans. Time will tell.

The pattern is lovely and easy to knit and memorize and I think if someone was looking for a first lace project, this would be a good place to start. It’s logical and the action of the pattern, while it can get monotonous, is probably good for a beginner. I found it perfect commuting knitting because of the amount I could do on the train just about coincided with my boredom threshold. I admit that toward the last few grams of yarn I was wanting badly to just bind off already, but it worked out.

There is some discussion floating around if there is a typo of knit two rows at the start and end or not. I chose to go straight into the pattern without any garter border and I bound off at the end in the same way. It’s not rocket science.

Also it does block out and gain length pretty easily. I meant to measure before I soaked and blocked it but forgot. oops.

I know Wednesdays have become a Finished Object parade. I’m sorry. I will talk about WIPs one of these days there are quite a good many of them.

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  1. It looks great! I have some yarn asking to be a Lace Ribbon Scarf…now I guess I’ll let it!

  2. The scarf is perfect for you – a colour you love, and a beautiful pattern.

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