may i have some too?

As I adjust to a new schedule for my final term of graduate school (how sweet that sounds) I’m trying to plan my meals better than I have these past few years. I believe I will always struggle to a large extent with breakfast, and if I’m “out and about” with lunch as well, but for this week at least, I think I have planned somewhat successful dinners.

However, despite my thought out planning, I find that hearing (or reading) what others are eating much more appealing than what I’ve dreamed up and it makes me want to come over and have some too. (Please don’t send food. We have enough.)

Which lead me to thinking, what is your favourite recipe to make and share? I have childhood memories of making pickles with mum and giving them out as gifts. I always welcomed her care packages of rice crispies when I was at my summer music program. I don’t make much food for others beyond what E and I directly need these days. Also, if you give food as gifts, why?

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  1. This year, we made ice cream to give out to people. I found that it was easy to make large batches, and we found cool paper pint-sized containers and glued custom-designed labels on them. Unfortunately, we only made one round of deliveries because I found it too challenging to arrange it with our busy, busy friends – and you can’t exactly “drop off” ice cream and leave it outside in California.

  2. 1. boil water
    2. pour into teapot
    3. empty teapot
    4. boil more water
    5. while water is boiling, spoon tea leaves into teapot
    6. pour boiling water into teapot
    7. etc.

    Really, it’s my specialty!

  3. I make food for other people because I am really good at it and it always is well received. It is full of love, but doesn’t require a place on a shelf for the next 20 years.

  4. Pumpkin bread! It’s my signature, and something I make and share throughout the autumn and winter. I especially love to make a sweetened cream cheese spread to go with it.

    Story and recipe here:

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