Ok, I’m copping out on what I wanted to write because I caught a cold and an exponentially growing to-do list.

Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that the site that E and I have been neglecting for the past few years has a new look.

penny-and-eli header

Please feel free to go browse around penny and eli and look at our photos. In the coming weeks and months we’ll add in more content and functionality. There are only a few photos up there now. What will be in store in the future? Our imaginations are the limit, but for the photos, I know that an RSS feed and the ability for me to easily lazily post photos are in the pipe line.

Also, in time, I’ll finally clean up some of the dead image links floating around here.

What does this mean for my flickr account? I won’t post as much there in the future. Does that mean I’m being anti-social? No. I just don’t want to keep paying for something I don’t really need.

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  1. Yay for Penny & Eli. I’ll head over and check it out. I, too, am dropping my Flickr. it’s nothing more than a place for thieves to go and harvest images. (And we PAY for this???) I prefer to have my own images under my own control/access. Good for youse guys. :)

  2. Penny & Eli looks great!! You always do the coolest things!

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