perfect with a cherry on top

I thought about counting up all the shawls, socks, cowls, and hats and their total yardage that I’ve knitted and crocheted this year, but I decided against it. You can go to my flickr set to see for yourself. This is the year that I mostly slowed down enough to try to make good pairings of yarn with pattern and to take the time to finish an object properly. I haven’t always succeeded and I’m eager to see what next year will bring. I hope to finish a bunch of projects and stash that have been laying around and then start on new projects that have been wooing me with their siren call.

But for now I’ll leave you with one of my most favourite recent projects that I’ve yet to write about.

self portraitCherry Garcia
by Adrian Bizilia
of Hello Yarn
5.5 mm needles
Berroco Cuzco in #9633, also known as Troll (a purple)
purchased at Webs in Northampton, MA
knitted 20081202-20081204
ravelry project page

I modified this project slightly to make it a bit wider at the bottom by adding some purls right before binding off and after my third cable twist. Other than that I knitted it to pattern and have fallen in love with the colour, the pattern, the feel of this cowl. It’s put on in the morning and becomes my accessory at a very cold office and then is taken off with sadness again at night.

I’m also quite pleased with my self portrait. I think I look good in sepia.

Cherry Garcia Cowl

penny’s modification to make it slightly larger and more stretchy at the bottom
after third twist of cable:
next row (k4, m1p, k4, p1, m1p, p1)*
plan after is a (k4, p1, k4, p3) for 6 or so rows, binding off in pattern.

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  1. Oh, definitely. Sepia is your colour. In fact, I read in Vogue that sepia is the new black.

    melanie recently wrote: Friday fill-ins

  2. You look amazing in that photo. Seriously, it’s one of the best self portraits I’ve seen!

    beverly recently wrote: It’s Been Great, 2008

  3. Excellent photo and lovely hat! Happy New Year!

    Devorah recently wrote: Tourists at Home

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