over 122 so far

I read books 122 through November 30th of this year. Woah. Most of these were library books.

What was best? How do I choose? I don’t think I can so I’m not going to try. There were some I don’t remember reading that’s how exciting they were. There were some I thought I read recently only to review my notes and discover they were consumed a few months ago. There were some classics and some wanna be classics and some which i hope will be classics. There are quite a few I’ve not yet completed and I look forward to doing so if not this year, then next.

My question to you is what do you think the total number of books I will read before the ball drops and ushers in 2009? I have quite a few “in progress” and a few I still have to update and let you know about.

So what I’m going to do is allow you to comment on this post through the 31st of this year (if I close the comments properly) and guess what you think the total number will be.

The individual who chooses the correct number or closest thereto will get a little something that relates to books and reading. My only other rule is that you must have commented before.. I’ll let you figure out how to have loop-holes in that system though only one vote per person in this contest.

In the case of a tie I’ll let a random number generator pick.

I will give you this hint, it’s definitely more than 123!

On Thursday 01 January I’ll post a review of the balance of the books read this year and announce the winner

This past week I finished:

The Jungle The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair

This has been on my list to read for eons and I’m happy I did. This was mostly consumed as an audio book version and then I read bits and then finished it as audio book. There is an uncensored version which I have to track down and at the least read the preface/introduction to. It wasn’t what I thought it was about. I knew about the meat packing industry, but I didn’t realise the other parts of Chicago life (or lack thereof) that it covers. All I could think while reading was has much in Chicago changed in the intervening century? (Obama not withstanding)

This is a good book which introduced me to a city I know little about beyond some skyscraper history. If you’ve been meaning to read this, go for it, then come back if you need some vegetarian fresh food recipes. I can help you out.

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  1. My guess is 137.

    beverly recently wrote: Good Morning!

  2. I am going to let math work for me and guess 133.

    Yvonne recently wrote: Happy Holidays!

  3. I’ll guess 130. Have a happy new year!

    limonene recently wrote: More secret knitting

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