Seraphim I have quite a bit going on this week, so I’m feeling jumpy and discombobulated so I’ll put aside what I thought I’d write for today and instead introduce you to something I’ve been slowly knitting on for a year and a half and recently finished.

I’m excited to introduce you to my Seraphim.

Yes, it’s a large blob of knitting, it looked more blob like before I blocked her on my new blocking boards (aka interlocking floor mats) and a trillion t-pins. E is a saint and helped me with her. Seraphim is the labour of a year and a half of knitting and a very different knitter finished her than the one who started knitting. Even though she’s huge, she really didn’t take a lot of knitting time. Things I plan for myself will be pushed aside for me to complete knits for others. Also, I decided I didn’t want a cobweb-lace shawl but a light-fingering weight so in order to accomplish this I held two strands together. By using two balls of yarn I greatly reduced the portability of this project so she was only knit when the stars were aligned. There were often large chunks of time when I didn’t touch her at all. But when I sat and knitted this lace, she went quickly and easily because Miriam writes beautiful patterns. Next up will be a flutter lace scarf or three and Zephyros. Well, after I finish my February Lady Sweater and another lace project.

Oh, you want to see her blocked out?

does this help:

Seraphim, point detail

or this?

Seraphim, point detail

Here she is being blocked:
Seraphim, blocking

See, she blocked out HUGE.

Seraphim, huge and impossible to photograph

E has no ideas as to how to take better photos and the lighting when we’re both home has been too terrible to do otherwise. I’m wearing her to the Firm dinner tonight (it’s the fanciest thing I’ll go to this year, we don’t go out much) so I’ll see if anything can be done there. I’m doubtful as my recollection is the lighting is very “mood-like” and elegant (aka not conducive to good photos)

Seraphim by Miriam Felton
3.5mm needles
Blocked size: very large, 90″ tip to tip, 41″ to point
knitted for ME!!
approx 907.5* yards of Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro in #731 (tan)
approx 880* yards of Skacel Collection, Inc. Merino Lace in #93 (Burgundy)
CO: July 2007
BO: 13 December 2008
my Ravelry: project link

*I didn’t own a scale when I started her or if I did I hadn’t thought to weigh the balls to verify yardage. I could weigh the shawl, but ::shrugs::

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  1. Oh my. Gorgeous. This encourgages me to work a little harder on lace knitting. Okay, does this have you constantly counting under your breath which is what I do when I attempt even a little bit of lace? You will look smashing at your dinner.

  2. Amazing! I’m so inspired now!

    KathyMarie recently wrote: Happy Happy

  3. Lovely! And bigger then you!

    Devorah recently wrote: Catch Up

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