one ball of noro

Noro ShinanoOne ball of Noro Shinano is all I’ve enjoyed in my fibery life. I find many of the colour combinations beautiful, but can never decide which one to purchase. Ages ago in a pre-Ravelry swap, I received a skein of Noro Shinano, a yarn that is discontinued.

This past May, Lolly knitted a beautiful beautiful cowl and her photos haunted me, I wanted to have a Shinano Cowl all my own. But I hesitated. I only had one ball. Would it be enough?

Over the thanksgiving “break”, it called to me and broke and I wound it into a ball. This was the most enjoyable ball winding I think I’ve ever done. I enjoyed the beauty in the subtle textures and colours. I thought about leaving the ball “as is” and making that my finished object.

After about 5 seconds, my knitting instincts kicked in and I grabbed a pair of 5.5mm circs and cast on. Three days later, I bound off and fell in love with my new cowl. The colour is perfect, a penny-friendly colour with e-friendly shots of beautiful brighter silk (E has gotten me to wear more colour than I have in years). I cast on 72 stitches, worked three rows of seed stitch, then stockinette until about 7 grams remained and did three more rows and bound off, loosely. There is a very small ball leftover. I pet it every so often.

Cowl.009, detail Noro Cowl, again

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  1. Beautiful! I have a skein of cashmere I purchased to make a cowl for a friend, and I’ve torn out the pattern I wanted to make four times. Maybe your post is a sign to go simple and let the yarn shine! xx

    beverly recently wrote: New Knitty!

  2. So lovely – and so simple! I like the little nublets of colour.

    melanie recently wrote: Happy birthday, Emily Dickinson

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