a pair of socks

I surprised myself in knitting a pair of socks recently. I have to darn a pair or three because I wear heels hard and it was just faster for me to take a pattern I had never knit before and make a new pair of socks instead. Plus the yarn had been calling to me and I really need to make a dent in this stash.

Jeweled StepsJeweled Steps by Cat Bordhi
from New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One
Knit Picks Essential Multis in Tuscany Multi, a gift swap yarn from Melanie
less than 2 skeins
2.5mm needles

They fit perfectly. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks and it felt good. I’m finally taking the time to patiently fix the little boo-boos I used to leave in and those are what left my knits and crochets looking amateurish.

But, don’t think I actually wove in the ends. These are for me. I haven’t yet bothered. I should state that my second pair of socks, finished two years ago, still don’t have all their ends woven in.

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  1. They look lovely!

    melanie recently wrote: Wordless Wednesday

  2. They almost look like they lace up the front. Very cute.

  3. Very cozy looking. I envy you your small feet — hence quick knits!

    Devorah recently wrote: A Blanket, Some Mittens and Some Rambling

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