Happy Tofurkey Day!

… for family and friends, home and work, health and happiness, fibre and words …

Happy Thursday and Tofurkey Day!

These are all local veges. This is what our little tofurkey looked like before it spent a few hours in the oven. YUM! (yes I know tofurkey is full of wheat gluten. I’ll deal with the consequences.)

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4 Replies to “thankful”

  1. Yes, grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

    melanie recently wrote: Booking through Thanksgiving

  2. Did you know that Tofurkey comes from Hood River, OR? It does! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yvonne recently wrote: It’s Bunnies All the Time Around Here…

  3. I hope you had a Happy Peaceful Thanksgiving. Gluten . . . does it really?

  4. Hope your day was a good one and that the rest of the weekend is relaxing.

    Devorah recently wrote: Doing Our Part

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