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Cowl #007

Two balls of Suri Merino from Plymouth Yarn have sat in my stash and tortured me for a while now. I finally decided a few weeks ago that enough was enough.

Two weeks ago, I blissfully cast 118 stitches onto a 16-inch 5mm circular need, and started knitting a marvellous pattern #62 from Suzanna E Lewis

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4 Replies to “in the oops.. that works category”

  1. The call of the cowl is bewitching you!

    (Have a happy Thanksgiving!)

    KathyMarie recently wrote: My past fits in boxes

  2. It looks super cozy!

    beverly recently wrote: Coco says "Who, me?"

  3. My vote: keep it. It looks cozy and soft, and a good candidate for a really nice pin to keep it in place.

    melanie recently wrote: winner’s remorse; a/k/a folding up my freak flag

  4. Very nice! Keep it — don’t rip!

    Devorah recently wrote: Real Birthday Post

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