Are you on a cowl craze yet? Maybe this will take you over the edge and you can join me on the dark side.

Cowl 005, finishedDarkside Cowl
By Sarah Fama ravelry pattern link
Yarn: fiber confections (worsted, approx 220yds), a gift from corrie
5.0mm needles
my rav project page
co: 20080928
bo: 20081008

The beautiful dark purple hand-dyed colours of this yarn made it a good project for the pattern, because of the subtle colour gradations. The pattern, she was addicting and I found very well written. I loved watching the “maze” develop and wrap around. The join (for the round) is seamless as far as I’m concerned, except that I’ve still not bothered to weave in the ends, so inside I know where I began and ended. It’s super stretchy and if I were to actually block it I think it would be long enough for a hood. I love it and wore it up to Rhinebeck, but it still may find a new owner this forthcoming holiday season. I have more than enough cowls for my own needs now. Yes, despite my head coverings I will wear a cowl. I often don’t take them off once they get on. My office is FREEZING.

I’m sad that the picture is so poor, it is a deep grape purple that I find difficult to photograph. I thought about posting another project today, but had much of this already prepped. I want to try again on a bright sunny day but that hasn’t happened yet. A better indication of the depth of colour may be seen peaking out of my jacket here.

The crochet scarflette is coming very slowly. I’ve found that in developing my knitting skills these past few years, I have severely slowed in my hook wielding skills. I believe that I will need a solid chunk of time in a comfortable and well lit place with a nice pile of podcasts before serious progress is obtained.

Time will tell.

Next week, I spin dk!

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  1. You and the two skeins of Sundary silky wool are responsible for my current obsession with cowls. Not that I’ve made any yet, but I’ve been scouring Ravelry for inspiration and I may have decided to make up my own. You are a wonderful enabler.

    KathyMarie recently wrote Yes We Did

  2. Cool cowl, well done! The dark purple is a good color for you.

  3. Nice cowl! So do you have enough to coordinate with every outfit yet?

    Devorah recently wrote Squid on Wheels: Contest Winner!

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