(third times the) charm

I stealth knitted this project and then waited quite a bit to ‘fess properly for it until I had decent photograph proof of its existence. Sure, it went to Rhinebeck, but I wanted a nice photo and we forgot to take one there.

This is the best photo we came up with and it makes me sad. I had wanted a beautiful autumn background of nicely coloured leaves but it was not to be.

But why did I stealth this project?

Back when I was a newbi-er knitter (2006) I bought a skein of koigu and wanted to make this beret. I forget why the first one was frogged and I believe the second one bit the dust because my counting was off when I met the decreases I ended up with an extra bit that could FOLD and well, it couldn’t be turned into a design element.

That skein of koigu is now hopelessly tangled with other yarn of my stash. This new skein has tempted me for six months now. I had originally added this to my collection to make a new pair of fingerless mitts because the regia silk isn’t not penny-hand friendly and I wanted brown to match my jacket. It still would work quite well in that purpose but this brown is just the colour I’ve been looking for to make hats.

So, with joy I present to you my autumn 2008 beret.

Beret(third times the) Charm
Purl Beret by Isabelle from Purl Soho
< 1 skein Louet Gems Fingering Wt. in Caribou
2.5mm needles, two 12″ circs, (I think, i forget which needles I used and put ’em away)
CO: 20081001
BO: 20081005
Changes — none intentionally. I think I made the ribbing and the increases a bit on the “smaller” side but it works well for my head.

I LOVE the yarn. I love the base it is made from and want to buy all of it. But I want to buy it in batches so I can finally become a Loopy Groupie (I’ve only placed two orders so I have a ways to go). My priorities are for navy and black and perhaps grey or maybe something “fun” like Eggplant. But it’s a fun pattern to make and I know I’ll make many more.

But first, I need to knit up more of what I already have or give it away. We are beyond officially out of bookshelf space and the yarn has exploded out of it’s home so I’ll stop here now and go knit some more.

Next week? Another cowl (preview is in this photo) or perhaps some spinning (I’m plying up the cabin cove now, 12wpi (on average!)) or perhaps a baby sweater. Time will tell.

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  1. Congrats! May it keep your head nice and warm and modestly covered!

    Devorah recently wrote Marathon Closures

  2. It is a very pretty hat! Congratulations!

    In answer to your last post, I tend to be influenced by movies especially if I have seen the movie before I read the book. Like I watched Anne of Green Gables for years as a child before I ever picked up the books.

    Yvonne recently wrote Happy Knitting!

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