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yesis worth more than any words I will type here, though it is a very poor representation of the beauty that I brought home from Rhinebeck this year. Posting this week (and next) will be very light and “mixed up” as I complete a holiday season and attempt to reënter “normal” working life.

Featherweight Spindle
13g Tiger Maple
hand made by Jonathan Bosworth
Purchased at NYS&W (“Rhinebeck”) 2008 on Sunday 19 October.

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  1. They make the most wonderful spindles, don’t they? Did you get a chance to chat with the Bosworths? They are really great people.

    Dave Daniels recently wrote KaleidoScarf, Part I

  2. *swoon*. I love my Bossie and know you’ll adore yours!

    beverly recently wrote Rhinebeck 2008

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